According to the regulations in force, within the legal profession, there are different methods for the calculation of fees, always based on the difficulty, the time spent on the case, the reputation of the lawyer or the results obtained, so that they can be charged in three possible ways :

                                          1.   Fees per time spent (calculated in minutes)
                                          2.   Lump sum fees (under certain conditions)
                                          3.   Additional result fee (hourly rate/fixed fee + premium according to final result)

In addition, costs for the constitution of the file as well as secretarial costs (office expenses, phone, copies, stamps, fax, etc...), are invoiced in an amount All Taxes Included when the file is invoiced and to be added to the fees.

The 1st consultation in study, if it gives rise to a mandate, will be invoiced at a fixed price of € 250.00 excluding tax (individual prices) and € 280.00 excluding tax (company prices), in order to study your file, if necessary the legal advice provided will also be invoiced.

Within the law firm of Maître Kalthoum BOUGHALMI, we accept to work both for persons insured in "Defence&Recourse" and for beneficiaries of legal aid.